Custom paper tubes 

 This package can mark your production out among other analogous goods. Such package can literally be rated as premium one. Variety of possible geometrical shapes (rectangle, triangle, square…) and diversity of design decisions will undoubtedly help to present any even the most expensive production. 

Our possibilities:

    • production of tubes of various geometrical shapes – rectangle, triangle etc.;

    • production of tubes of the length up to 500 mm;

    • production of tubes of various wall thickness;

    • production of tubes with tin tops;

    • production (stamping) of the customer’s logo on the tin tops;

    • production of tubes with cardboard tops;

    • production of tubes with full-colour printing, impression, lamination, metal cladding etc. both on the inner and outer sides of the tube;

    • production of tubes of different constructions;

    • production of tubes with punched windows, windows with PET films.






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